Welcome, Founding President


Rev. M. C. Oliver


I am delighted to welcome you to the Interfaith Center of Light (ICL), a non-profit ministry and education center located in Aurora, Colorado with a satellite office in Nashville, Tennessee. At ICL we are committed to expanding our knowledge of every faith, with special emphasis on equity, peace, and integrity, to every person, regardless of spiritual tradition, cultural identification, socio-economic status, or relational orientation. ICL is a sacred place where each person is truly considered an element of the Divine. We do not support any acts of extremism based on political and religious beliefs. Our focus is to consistently provide a learn-teach philosophy where representatives of each faith offer lessons on the peaceful nature located at the core of every recognized tradition.  With this epistemology of what is valid compared to general opinions, it is our continuous hope to offer a safe place where dialogue truly collaborates with basic community understanding, coupled with generalizable and transferable research studies.

David R. Smock the author of INTERFAITH AND PEACEBUILDING said this “One of the biggest challenges for people involved in interfaith dialogue is to break down the stereotypes of the ‘other’ that exist within their own religious traditions and groups. Religious groups need to first acknowledge and confess their own role in fostering and contributing to injustice and conflict”.

At ICL, we move forward in this work to bridge the gap we see as this relates to some areas of interfaith dialogue. It is our belief that a ‘spiritual’ community is an interfaith/multifaith community’. And, we strive to exemplify this work in every aspect of our interfaith initiatives.

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope to meet you at one of our gatherings soon.

Rev. M. C. Oliver, MSc.

Founding President & Lead Teaching Pastor