Mission, Vision, & Purpose



To create stronger, more resilient communities, through world theology leadership trainings, communal fellowship and collaborations, and the development of effective learning processes, coupled with empirical research design.



We envision this mission unfolding through genuine acceptance of all people and honoring everyone’s spiritual path. It serves as a platform to encourage and empower as we continue to root ourselves through garnered knowledge, experiences, and daily work toward social and transformative justice in our communities and the world. Through our educational portal, we continue to establish a framework that truly respects humanity’s diversification, and to create a platform for current and future interfaith ministries and initiatives.


The Interfaith Center of Light (ICL) was established in 2013 as a 501c3 non-profit organization, grounded in the belief that all things are connected, that we all have a purpose to shine our lights as luminous messengers to help heal our planet. The God we serve is a loving, non-judgmental God who resides within us to share love and kindness, regardless of culture, relationship orientation or spiritual/religious doctrine.

ICL is dedicated to promoting interfaith dialogue, and community research, which denotes the progressive understanding and collaboration among people of different religious backgrounds and philosophies. Interfaith dialogue is all-encompassing, because it is inclusive of individuals and organizations. It promotes discourse among various religious convictions toward universal understanding and acceptance of all people as one human race.Community research offers key results to add to the body of work that can improve community settings, specifically those that are underserved and marginalized.

Although in recent years there has been a modest decline in the U.S. among those who self-identify as mainline Christians, the unaffiliated have shown a sharp increase. There are fewer older believers and a corresponding increase in millennials claiming no religious affiliation. Meanwhile, other faiths (a distinct minority) are recording a slight increase. However, there is a corresponding movement toward interfaith dialogue, a truly ecumenical trend. A common thread woven through the movement is a commitment to educating and informing rather than proselytizing. ICL has as its mission the promotion of interfaith dialogue, community, and spiritual education.

The United States Institute of Peace recognizes interfaith as a growing movement and has published many journals on the importance of interfaith dialogue. Likewise, this organization provides information on how to build peace within our local and worldwide communities. Additionally, we are in agreement with the mission statement of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, which primary focus is to bring harmony among the world’s religions and communities.