New Here

Spiritual Happiness

Welcome! We’re glad you are here.

At ICL we begin and meet you right where you aregrow together as daily representations of kindness and acceptance, and love like all of the great spiritual teachers we know. We encourage you to join us at any of our events to discover why so many say that we are different and why gradually others are moving toward calling ICL their spiritual home.


What to Expect!

SPIRITUAL GATHERINGS: Through our growing sacred circles, you’ll partake in inspirational discussions about spiritual life, community engagements, and acts of service. We play inspirational and uplifting songs and encourage you to participate as a contributor to the discussions or as a listener.

SACRED PRAYER TIME: At the end of each circle our facilitating pastor will be available for one-on-one prayer time.

GIFTS AND OFFERINGS:  Those who would like to contribute toward the works that we do often place their donation within the donation box at the end of our spiritual gatherings. Opportunities to donate online are also available.

WHAT TO WEAR: You are invited to come as you are! Comfort is the key!

COMMUNITY BUILDING: At every one of our events, we offer you the opportunity to linger over refreshments to know more about each other.