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Love & Light

Established in 2013, the Interfaith Center of Light (ICL) is a 501 (c) (3) multifaith ministry and educational center located in Aurora, Colorado and Nashville, Tennessee.  ICL provides a range of all-inclusive interspiritual resources for individuals, internal/external groups, and communities to assist in our continued transformation and evolution. ICL currently offers universal virtual spiritual spaces. These spaces include wisdom studies, workshops, retreats, conferences, interspiritual counseling, mindful coaching gatherings, spiritual empowerment get-togethers, mindful spiritual corporate renewal consultations, and community revivals for universal collaborative prayer and worship. Our aim is to accompany you and to support you on your spiritual path.

Our community initiatives to include research studies, are in no way the proselytization of one spiritual tradition over the other, instead their primary focus is to assist human need regardless of faith or non, cultural tradition, and personal identification. This is refreshing, right? However, it is the only way we can assist or partner with every person in our community ethically, with integrity, guided by Grace.

We are an inclusive community, and welcome individuals from all spiritual background and cultural identification. If you embrace Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Metaphysics or Mysticism, to name a few… you are received in this God inspired space with great love and sincere acceptance. We offer practical-based messages with an all-encompassing approach of love as taught to us by all of the world’s great spiritual teachers.  We meet you, welcome you, and embrace you in the essences of love, peace, and kindness, which reside in wholesomeness in our spiritual community. ICL is a learning, healing, and teaching center. Come find who you truly are, here, at ICL.

Our Mission and Purpose

You know, for some time now the principal interest in my life is no longer Fossil Human, but the Human of tomorrow; or more exactly, ‘the God of tomorrow,’ since I am more convinced that the great event of our time is a kind of change in the face of God in which the pure ‘God of above’ of yesterday is being combined with a kind of ‘God of ahead’.- Teilhard De Chardin