Peace comes in all forms!


The development of the Interfaith Center of Light (ICL) came to Colorado Interfaith Minister Rev. M. Charlotte Oliver in 2012, after completing all the necessary documents to enter into a two year seminary focused on interfaith ministry. It was evident then, that her childhood experiences of the understanding of all her neighbors, be them Muslim, Jewish, Garifuna, Arabic, Hindu, Buddhist, Toa, Mennonite, Catholic, Sikh, Anglican, Mayan, and many indigenous faiths, brought her to this place.  In fact, her parents instilled in her from her childhood, the importance of seeing the Divine in each person.

Through extensive study, associations, and travel, it became her goal to invite inclusivity into ICL by creating a platform to assist, support, accept, and demonstrate interfaith initiatives beyond the three Abrahamic faiths. It is her understanding that peace resides in every person, if everyone is given a chance to build safe relationships through not only dialogue, but likewise, in action. It has been written that heightened inter-spiritual anxiety can lead those who are not familiar with the spiritual traditions of others, to negative thoughts, expectations, and actions. From this recognition is where ICL was born. Here, we offer a supportive network, which strives to bridge any gaps that may cause misunderstandings, injustices, and unfairness to those who share this planet with us.

Although ICL is steadily growing through the help of many volunteers, our organizational commitment continues to move us forward. Still operating today by a yet so small staff, we continue to believe that this work is expansive and should be vital, globally. For this reason, we carry on to build relations with those who are genuinely interested in interfaith work to include leaders of all faiths.  What is evident is that we have a group of committed people who are willing to help, to advise us, and to partner with us, every step of the way.

Our exceptional charter offers up the opportunity to join in the significant service and work that we do. We are multifaith and multicultural in all aspects at ICL. Through this charter, we offer you a chance to live our basic set of principles and our code of ethics  with integrity accompanied by your own personally designed truth.

In closing, we encourage you to contact us about this momentous occasion to join us in this noble vocation as we continue to serve every person we encounter as foundations of God’s love. It is only then that we can truly move toward the experiences of world peace and justice for all.