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Cognitive Spiritual Care/Spiritual Deepening

Providing Interspiritual Counseling, Music Therapy, and Spiritual Direction/ Life Coaching for Individuals, Couples, and Groups.

Program Credentials: Ordained Interfaith Minister,  Interspiritual Counselor, Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Psychology, Doctoral Candidacy in Pastoral Community Counseling, and Life Coach.

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InterSpiritual Counseling– is a serving relationship, a spiritual cohort between counselor and client (anam cara) – providing counseling support with a spiritual alignment. It is a form of counseling that helps to guide individuals to embrace their spirituality, to use as a guide to deal better, with life’s trials and triumphs from an optimistic and spiritual outlook.Spirituality is trusting in a foundation greater than you, which is often called by many names in accordance with each person’s spiritual tradition.

Our InterSpiritual and Psychospiritual counselors, and Life Coaches, may integrate the wisdom from numerous disciplines applicable to an integral-interfaith spirituality, including: (1) psychology, to identify social and emotional intelligence, (2) sociology (group ethos), (3) personality traits, (4) organizational development (work-life balance), (5) cognitive science, (6) health, (7) ethics to include unethical intention and unethical behavior, (8) interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship counseling, (9) parenting, and (10) from the diversity of germinal and seminal spiritual traditions and modern-day spiritual teachings, both Eastern and Western. As well as using music as a form of healing.

The primary goal of InterSpiritual counseling is to help to show you the path to your innate self, which is love, peace, forgiveness, joy, and compassion. For the reason that you are all these things, through self discovery, you can  come closer to the Divine, and to also see the Divine in every person. This approach helps you to accept your existence as one of magnificence to live your life purpose in a way that is truly authentic and significant.

When you are faced with change and evolution, trials and trepidation, you can count on Elements Interspiritual Counseling a division of the Interfaith Center of Light to guide you through common breakthroughs.

We provide you with a trained spiritual counselor(s) to assist you no matter the situation that you are experiencing or have experienced. We use our documented earned education, professional and personal values, and acquired skills to assist you in attaining your transcendent goals.

We are committed to providing quality services and congruence, to individuals, couples, and groups of any age, race, relationship orientation, or religious preference.We have an extensive referral pool for those instances where your life challenges are beyond our scope of services, and we will inform you when this may be the best approach for you.

Areas of Practice Include: Relationship challenges, life transitions, women’s concerns, mid-life changes, abuse issues,relational orientation struggles, family of origin difficulties, work empowerment, career changes, questions of faith and doubt, ritual design and celebration, sadness and anxiety, body, mind, spirit integration, caring for aging parents, loss and grief, and death and dying.









Areas of Expertise:

  • Interspiritual/psychospiritual counseling, and spiritual direction
  • Group therapy, spiritual direction, and facilitation
  • Couples spiritual counseling; marriage preparation; wedding, holy union, and divorce ritual design
  • Breathwork
  • Ritual design and consultation for life cycle celebrations, healing and transition ceremonies, funerals
  • Supervision for women clergy and counselors
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Consultation and education for women’s religious/spiritual, and justice organizations
  • Retreat days
  • On-site workshops

If you are seeking an individual who is trained and educated in specialized theories of spiritual counseling, with attention to fairness and equality, please call us at 720-507-8927  or schedule here:



*** We serve student clients under the Gifting Economy Model (GEM). Therefore, the interspiritual counseling services offered to students are supported through a love offering from each student ***

Please contact our office for pricing of couples and groups.

Face-to-Face, Phone, or Skype Consultations are available.
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